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West Coast Sculpture Association

The West Coast Sculpture Association started as a way to facilitate a series of stone sculpture symposiums.

In the early 90's, sculptor Daniel Cline
attended several stone sculpture symposiums in Washington State
hosted by the NWSSA
and wondered why we didn't have stone sculpture symposiums like that in BC. So in
1994, Daniel asked for the assitance of the NWSSA to get one started and along with Sandra Bilawich,
George Pratt and Michael Binkley the first Vancouver Island Stone Sculpture Symposium was started.

Several years later founding members of the symposiums decided to form the West Coast Sculpture
Association to develop the organization into the future.

Today we are a group of artists dedicated to the development of sculpture on the west coast of Canada.
Our goals are to educate artists and the public about sculpture and sculpture technique, to provide resources,
network with arts communities and other artists, and increase public awareness and appreciation for sculpture.

We proudly host annual sculpture symposium, and are dedicated to instructing and developing both
novice artists, hobbyists, and creating professional development for highly accomplished artists. Although
our focus is primarily stone sculpture, we welcome all participants.

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